Art in the Minster

Saturday 14th-28th August

10.00am to 4.00pm || Sundays from 12noon to 4.00pm


Artists from local Art Societies and the Photographic Society will be displaying their work, most  of which are for sale.   Throughout the exhibition there will be demonstrations of painting, drawing and photography.  

The Quill Writing Group will be exhibiting some of their writings.

In addition there will an exhibition of portraits of the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Lifeboat Crew.


Great Yarmouth Guild of Artists and Craftsmen

The Guild was founded in1949 by William Corrie, the Principal of Great Yarmouth College of Art and Design, 

The first President of the Guild was the celebrated Norfolk artist, the late Edward Seago, whose life is celebrated each November with a social evening, 'The Seago Supper'.

Each year the Guild holds an Exhibition where members' work is shown to the public for appreciation and sale. 

The Guild encourages work in all aspects of art, from traditional painting through experimental techniques to digital art, and a range of 3-dimensional works, sculpture and crafts

The Guild welcomes membership applications from all artists whatever their level of experience and anyone interested in the arts in all its forms.


Eastern Contemporary Artists

Recently formed this group brings together professional and semi-professional artists working on both traditional and contemporary styles with a special interest in East Anglia.   It holds an annual exhibition when works of art are for sale.


East Anglian Group of Marine Artists

The group was formed in 1979 by six artists who were inspired by a shared enthusiasm for depicting the maritime scene.  There are now 25 well known and highly regarded artists with a leaning towards East Coast subject matter.


Broadlanders Art Group

The Broadlanders consists of amateur artists producing works in oils, acrylic, water colour, pencil, charcoal and pastels.  The group meets on Wednesday evenings at the Mill Lane Centre, Bradwell.


Eastern Artists Collective

The Collective is a group of artists who met whilst working on a portraits workshop in 2019. 

They decided to set themselves a challenge to portray the heroic men and women who crew the Gorleston lifeboats, and have plans to work collaboratively on future portrait projects, besides following their own individual artistic paths.


Great Yarmouth and District Photographic Society

Founded in 1948, the Society has around 20 members and meets every Wednesday evening in the Old School Village Centre, Green Lane, Bradwell from September to April. During the summer it meets outside at photo-friendly venues. New member are welcome whatever their interests or level of expertise.


Quill Writing Group

Quill was founded in 1999 and meets each month to write and share poetry and prose.  It welcomes new members.


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