Thursday 8 June 2.30pm

Gorleston Library

Tickets £5 (includes a cup of tea) available from Gorleston Library, the Minster and St.George’s


Dr.Kathryn Ferry is a historian interested in architecture, design and seaside culture. She writes books and articles, contributes regularly to TV and radio and has just written the history of Butlin’s. Hosted by Tony Mallion your memories of holidays at Butlins will also be welcome!


St. George’s Theatre NR30 2PG

Tel: 01493 331484

Box Office: Monday to Friday 

10.30am - 3pm and 1 hour before performances


Great Yarmouth Minster NR30 1NE

For events in Minster, Town Hall and Gorleston Library only

May and June 10am-3pm


Gorleston Pavilion NR31 6PP for John Vereira’s Performance.

Telephone: (01493) 662832 (24 hour answerphone is in operation.)

Box Office:  Monday to Thursday 11am to 3pm.

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